Westview High School Weather

Westview High School Weather

The following are some precautionary steps that students can take to help avoid heat events at westview high school. Dress appropriately for the weather. Students are responsible for their personal belongings and should follow the school’s dress code. Students should also follow the school’s dress code and stay inside their classrooms. If the weather is inclement, recess will be moved inside. Instead of climbing on snow piles and throwing snowballs, students should engage in quiet classroom activities.

Precautionary steps to prevent heat events at westview high school

While extreme temperatures are always dangerous, there are ways to keep students safe. During heat events, the school district should limit students’ physical activities, close windows and blinds, and move students to a cooler area. Staff will also monitor students for any symptoms of heat stress. While many schools restrict outdoor playtime because of heat stress, it is an important part of the school day. Students benefit from the fresh air and exercise, as well as getting a break from the classroom. Students can also prepare for outdoor play by wearing hats, gloves, and mittens.

Taking the proper precautionary measures to protect students, staff, and community members is a key part of a school’s emergency response plan. The school has already implemented lockouts at the Conestoga Middle School and Rock Creek Elementary School, and has now expanded to all schools in the district. Even after-school activities were cancelled, but after-school daycare at the grade schools was still available.

Dressing appropriately for the weather

The Goshen Central School District reminds students and parents to dress for the weather. Exposed skin is susceptible to frostbite, and when the air temperature drops below 5 degrees F and wind speeds are low, students are at increased risk of becoming affected by the condition. In less than 30 minutes, frostbite can occur, so it’s important to make sure that students are wearing a hat, coat, and gloves.

As part of the District’s commitment to a safe, inclusive community, students must dress appropriately for school. They must respect the intent of the school and work with parents to adhere to the dress code. School dress code guidelines apply to regular school days, summer, and school-related events. Students should check the dress code frequently to ensure they are meeting the expectations. Listed below are some guidelines for students and their parents.

Students are strongly encouraged to wear appropriate clothing and footwear. The school does not allow t-shirts that contain inappropriate messages or are sexually or racially offensive. Students may also not wear slippers, pajamas, or heels. All clothing and footwear must be worn with appropriate shoes. It is important to remember that this is a school building, not a mall. If your child doesn’t wear the proper footwear, the administration will call their parents to provide them with an alternative.

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