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Jan 17th – Jan 23rd 2022
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What’s the latest on social media this week? The Tailify team are breaking down the trends and discussing how your brand can win in the social space. Enjoy this quick read for some practical tips!
What’s the trend/driver behind the behavior?
From Gen Z and their TikTok dances to the millennial squares of IG, when we think of social media we think of the younger generations. However, ‘older’ audiences are also getting involved.
From how to remove stains on walls and ’Things I wish I knew in my 20s’ to fashion advice and rediscovering their personal style, older gens are increasingly growing their share of voice on social – seeking advice from (as well as giving advice to) the young ones.
So, what does this mean for brands?
Social media has long claimed its role in the new world order with each generation changing how we use it and what it can achieve. But this new level of crossover and interaction between generations means brands should think twice about who they can reach and how when it comes to their social media plans.
Discover the trend.
What’s the trend/driver behind the behavior?
We’ve all seen the satisfying videos that pander to our cleaning tendencies, but what’s next in line? A trend dedicated to restocking and refilling household items! In case you were wondering, watching oddly satisfying videos has actually been shown to cause the release of serotonin and dopamine in the brain, causing us to feel more relaxed. Not sure about you, but we’re sold!
So, what does this mean for brands?
FMCG brands hold the most logical link to this trend. Are you a sustainable food service? You could show your products being refilled into sustainable glass jars. What about a drinks company? Show how no one likes to see their drinks cabinet less than fully stocked.
Discover the trend.
What’s the trend/driver behind the behavior?
Have you ever got lost in the world of video games? Then this trend is definitely one for you! Whether acting like you’re in The Sims, GTA or Tekken, behaving like the main characters is something we have seen for quite some time and it does not seem like it’s going anywhere soon.
So, what does this mean for brands?
This is a great way to be creative and tap into different fandoms at the same time. There are hundreds of thousands of games out there to pick from. You can find a game that goes well with your brand or maybe pick one of your personal favorites to show off that geeky personality of yours. Soon Soon! (Bye in Simlish)
Discover the trend.
Johnny Madrusan, social media manager at Tailify.

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