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In time for the snowy winter season, treat yourself to this tea-lightful discount on Ember’s smart mug.
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We’ve all been there before. You pour a piping hot cup of coffee (or tea), take the very first sip which is just warm enough to awaken your senses without burning your lips, tend to your other matters, just to come back to a muted and fragrant-less cup of Joe. That’s where the Ember Mug 2 comes in. The smart mug, which comes in 10- and 14-ounce sizes, can keep your beverages at a certain warmness (120- to 140-degrees) for as long as you’d like. And to top off this delectable piece of gadgetry, you can buy one today at a 20% discount.
For today only, Best Buy has the Ember Smart Mug 2 on sale for just $79.99 (typically $99.99). That’s the lowest price for the mug that we’ve seen.
Beneath the surface, the Ember Smart Mug 2 is more than just a cup that warms up your drinks. Through the Ember companion app (available on iOS and Android), you can manually adjust the temperature of your beverage to the T. This is particularly useful if you prefer your coffee at a certain temperature — not too hot, not too cold. The mug is also rated for IPX7, meaning it’s washable and can be submerged up to one meter deep. In terms of battery life, you can expect the mug to last up to 1.5 hours per charge or all day when placed on the included charging coaster.
This deal covers the 10-ounce white model and expires at midnight, so you better act fast if smart home tech like this is your cup of tea. 
For an alternative, you may consider buying a Mr.Coffee mug warmer for $11.99. While it lacks the smarts of the Ember and you can’t set a specific heating temperature, the mug warmer gets the job done if you’re just wanting to reheat your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.
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